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Picking the best cabin on the Celebrity Solstice

With some useful information about the staterooms onboard the Celebrity Solstice, you can be sure to select the cabin that will work best for your needs. All staterooms are divided among five category types. Ocean View Staterooms and Inside Staterooms are the smallest, measuring from 176 square feet to 200 square feet. Those guests who are looking for a private balcony will want to choose from the Veranda Staterooms. These cabins range from 192 square feet to 572. Balconies measure between 53 and 105 square feet. Concierge Class comes with extra space and amenities. Staterooms in this category are 194 square feet with 54 square foot balconies. The Aqua Class is comprised of the spa inspired veranda staterooms. These cabins have a limit of two guests each. Suites top out the categories as the most luxurious and spacious. The rooms range in size from 300 to 1,291 square feet. Balconies with the suites measure from 77 to 385 square feet.


All beds on the Celebrity Solstice are fitted with European style linens. These are a part of the exclusive line of bedding, the Celebrity Exhale. This collection features plush pillows and duvets, a premium mattress, and sheets made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton linens.

Bed Sizes

The majority of staterooms onboard the Celebrity Solstice have two lower twin sized beds. These can be converted into one larger bed. Some cabins also include a trundle bed for additional sleep space. Larger staterooms may have a queen sofa sleeper as part of the sitting area. Suites with separate bedroom areas may include queen sized beds, but king size beds are only found in the largest cabins, the Penthouse Suites.

Celebrity Solstice staterooms are located among eight decks.

Celebrity Solstice Plaza Deck (3)

It can be a challenge to find quiet cabins on Deck Three. Staterooms 3131 - 3159 should have the least amount of noise. Rooms 3103 - 3129 starboard are Ocean View Staterooms beneath the night club and they can pick up noise late into the night. Cabins under the casino may have the same problem. This includes exterior cabins 3108 - 3174 portside and interior rooms 3144 - 3172. Staterooms 3144 - 3172 will be the loudest on this level. Larger cabins 3101, 3103, 3102, and 3104 are all wheelchair accessible rooms.

Celebrity Solstice Continental Deck (6)

The Continental Deck is located above the ship’s entertainment venues such as the art gallery, boutiques, and restaurants. There should not be an issue with noise since these businesses close early. Cabins 6241 - 6259 portside and 6236 - 6270 starboard may experience more noise due to music from the nearby lounge. For those guests who want a nice view, try corner aft Sky Suites 6305 and 6304. At 300 square feet with 79 square foot balconies they have the best views on this deck. Cabins 6306, 6307, 6308, 6309, 6310, 6311, 6312 and 6315 are aft facing Sunset Veranda Staterooms with excellent views and less wind than on other balconies. Be aware that partially obstructed views are found in the 2C and 2D Veranda Cabins. Rooms 6135, 6137, 6139, and 6141 are wheelchair accessible Deluxe Veranda Staterooms.

Celebrity Solstice Sunrise Deck (7)

The Sunrise Deck is where guests will find the nicer Sky Suites, Family Ocean View Staterooms and Sunset Veranda Staterooms. These are quiet due to having other staterooms located above and below. Of these cabins, the aft facing Sunset Veranda Staterooms 7309, 7311, 7315, 7317, 7358, 7360, 7362 and 7364 offer excellent aft views with less windy balconies. Stateooms 7307 and 7356 are corner aft Sky Suites with the biggest balconies on this level. Family Staterooms 7107 and 7108 are a spacious at 575 square feet with a 53 square foot balcony that can be windy due to the forward position. Cabins 7139, 7141, 7143, and 7145 are wheelchair accessible Ocean View Staterooms.

Celebrity Solstice Vista Deck (8)

For guests who find a view important, be aware that category 2C Deluxe Ocean View Staterooms on this deck have obstructed views. Category 2D Deluxe Ocean View Staterooms have fully obstructed views. A better choice on the Vista Deck would be the corner aft Sky Suites 8345 and 8336. These are roomy and have oversized balconies with great views. Sunset Veranda Staterooms 8338, 8340, 8342, 8344, 8347, 8349, 8351 and 8353 are aft facing and have good views. If space is an issue, cabins 8107 and 8108 are larger forward facing Family Veranda Staterooms. Cabins 8343 and 8334 are bigger than average exterior rooms with larger balconies.

Panorama Deck/b> (9)

Many staterooms on this deck are spacious. Sky Suites 9299 and 9374 are the largest on this level, with bigger corner aft balconies. Larger balconies are also found in exterior staterooms 9295 and 9366. Cabins 9196, 9202, and 9206 are all wheelchair accessible, while cabins 9301, 9303, 9305, 9307, 9376, 9378, 9380 and 9382 are all aft facing Concierge Class Veranda Staterooms.

Celebrity Solstice Sky Deck (10)

The Sky Deck is where the Royal Suites, Sky Suites, Celebrity Suites, and Concierge Class are located. Cabins 1403 and 1198 are corner aft Sky Suites measuring 300 square feet with huge balconies. Celebrity "Hump" Suites 1110, 1112, 1114, 1233, and 1235 are 395 square feet with 104 square foot balconies. Cabins 1239, 1241, 1116, and 1118 are 590 square foot Royal Suites with 158 square foot balconies located on the "hump". Rooms 1405, 1407, 1409, 1200, 1202, 1204, 1206 and 1208 are aft facing Concierge Class Veranda Staterooms with excellent ocean views.

Celebrity Solstice Penthouse Deck (11)

The quieter rooms on the Penthouse Deck are 1621 - 1661 starboard and 1624 - 1664 port. These are aqua Class and Concierge Veranda rooms. Corner aft Sky Suites 1663 and 1666 as well as aft Sky Suites 1665 and 1667 have larger than average balconies. Aft facing Concierge Veranda Staterooms 1668, 1670, 1672, 1674 and 1676 offer excellent views. Staterooms 1547 - 1605 (starboard) and 1552 - 1610 are Aqua Class Veranda Staterooms located under the pool. Guests may hear noises from the cleaning staff during the night. More desirable Aqua Class Veranda Staterooms are 1501 - 1545 (starboard) and 1502 - 1550 (port). They are near the Relaxation Lounge and beneath the Spa with less noise. Exceptions are 1501 - 1540, as they are under the gym and pick up daytime noises. Royal Suites 1607, 1609, 1312, and 1614 are 590 square feet with 158 square foot balconies. Cabins 1611 - 1616 are Penthouse Suites measuring 1,291 square feet with 385 square foot balconies. Aqua Class Veranda Staterooms 1522, 1524, 1526, and 1538 are wheelchair accessible.

Celebrity Solstice Resort Deck (12)

Cabins on Deck 12 are situated under the bar and café. Cabins 2115 - 2149 (starboard) and 2114 - 2144 (port) will hear the most noise from the café. Guests may hear them open early for breakfast and sounds may still be heard during late night cleaning. Sky Suites 2151, 5153, 2155, 2150, 2148, and 2147 and Concierge Veranda Staterooms 2157 and 2152 may pick up additional noises from a bar overhead. Wheelchair accessible Sky Suites are 2130, 3132, 2134, and 2136.

Celebrity Solstice Ship Information

  • Ship Age:13 years, 10 months
  • Maiden Voyage:Nov 2008
  • Passengers:2,850
  • Gross Tonnage:122,000
  • Callsign:9HRJ9
  • Crew:0
  • Beam:121 feet
  • Class:Solstice
  • Registry:
  • Length:1,033 feet
  • CDC Sanitation Insp. :Oct 2018
  • CDC Score:98

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Celebrity Solstice is Celebrity Cruises first ship in the Solstice class of ships. Featuring a half acre of real grass. In addition to the 2 store main dining room and expansive buffet, Celebrity Solstice features 4 specialty restaurants one of which is reserved for the exclusive use of AquaSpa guests.