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Picking the best cabin on the Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas

Knowing a little bit about the staterooms on Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Sea can help when planning a cruise. One will also have a good idea of what to expect once onboard. There are four different categories of staterooms on the Royal Caribbean - Rhapsody of the Seas. The first category is Suite/Deluxe. This will include the Royal Suite, Owner’s Suite, Royal Family Suite, Grand Suite, and Junior Suite. These suites range from 241 square feet to 1140 square feet with balconies that measure between 59 to 116 square feet. Many have special features such as separate bedrooms, larger sitting areas, and luxurious bathrooms. The Balcony category contains the 350 square foot Accessible Balcony Stateroom and the 191 square foot Superior Ocean View Stateroom. Balconies in these rooms are between 39 and 42 square feet. The Outside category includes the Ocean View Staterooms such as the Panoramic, Superior, Family, and the Large. These cabins range from 151 to 237 square feet. Only the Superior Ocean View Stateroom has a balcony, measuring 42 square feet. Interior is the last of the four categories. They consist of Superior Interior Staterooms, Large Interior Staterooms, and the standard Interior Staterooms. Sizes range from 132 square feet to 164. None of the staterooms in this category include balconies.


The Royal Caribbean Bedding Collection is used on all of the beds onboard the Rhapsody of the Seas. These bedding sets are manufactured just for Royal Caribbean in the country of Italy. A Royal Suite Mattress or Royal Mattress is covered with a Royal Memory Pillow Top Pad or a Royal Pillow Top Pad. This is followed by an embroidered flat sheet with the Royal Caribbean logo, a 300 count Egyptian cotton fitted sheet, a duvet and cover, plus matching pillowcases. Royal Memory Pillows and Royal Sweet Dreams Pillows complete the bedding set.

Bed Sizes

There are a variety of bed sizes on the Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the seas. A set of twin beds are found in most standard cabins. These can be converted into a single queen bed. Privacy can be found in smaller rooms by using the curtain between the sitting area and beds. Pullman beds are another option available to guests. These are overhead bunk type beds that fold away when not being used. Queen beds and King Beds can be found among the many types of suites, usually in separate bedrooms. Several cabins have queen size sleeper sofas in their sitting area as well.

Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas has staterooms on five decks.

Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas Deck Two (2)

Because there are cabins both below and above staterooms on Deck Two, these cabins are quieter than others. Staterooms 2110-2138 and 2609-2638 are situated where they may pick up noise and vibrations from the ship's propellers. Rooms 2703-2719 are located in an interior hallway and have cabins on each side. Stateroom 2535 is located near an elevator. Cabins 2032 and 2532 are Family Ocean View Staterooms. They are 80 square feet larger than the average Ocean View Staterooms. Portholes are found in cabins 2010-2014 and 2510-2514, instead of regular size windows. Staterooms 2012 and 2602 are larger wheelchair accessible cabins.

Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas Deck Three (3)

The aft section of Deck Three is located under the main dining room. Most cabins on Deck Three are underneath other cabins. All staterooms are standard without balconies on this deck. Rooms 3000-3086 and 3500-3586 are quieter than other options on this deck. Cabins 3000-3014 port side and 3500-3514 starboard are larger than average. Cabins 3032 and 3532 are spacious Family Staterooms. Ocean View Staterooms 3102 and 3602 are wheelchair accessible. Cabins 3445-3465 and 3801-3817 located on an interior hallway wedged between other staterooms. Cabins 3132-3157 and 3632-3657 will pick up the most noise from the dining area. These rooms will be louder during meal preparations, dining, and cleanup for breakfast and dinner hours.

Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas Deck Four (4)

Deck Four is located under the main public areas of the ship, including the casino and theater. Larger than average Ocean View Staterooms are 4000-4006 and 4500-4506. Rooms 4032 and 4532 are larger Family Staterooms. Rooms 4000-4321 and 4500-4530 are beneath the theater. Guests may notice noise during set up, performances, and clean up. Cabin 4535 is near an elevator. Rooms 4036-4076 and 4536-4576 are the loudest, located under the casino.

Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas Deck Seven (7)

Deck Seven is located over the ship’s main areas. Staterooms 7106-7158 and 7606-7660 are above the lounge and will pick up late night noises. Cabins 7013-7032 and 7512-7532 are above the theater. Guests in these cabins may notice added noise during set up, performances, and clean up. Rooms 71028 and 7602 are Royal Family Suites. Interior cabins on Deck Seven are less cramped than on other decks. Interior cabins 7151, 7147, 7149, 7153, 7647, 7649, 7653, and 7651 are larger than average. Ocean View Superior Staterooms 7152-7158 and 7652-7660 have large balconies with nice views. Staterooms 7032 and 7532 are wheelchair accessible.

Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas Deck Eight (8)

The Owner’s, Grand, and Royal Suites are found on Deck Eight. Cabins 8014-8076 and 8514-8576 are beneath the pool. These staterooms may have noises during the late night hours while the crew is cleaning the pool area. Rooms 8011-8511 pick up the most sounds during cleaning. Cabins 8066 and 8586 are Junior Suites with obstructed views. Superior Interior Stateroom 8013 and Junior Suites 8010, 8510, 8042, and 8542 are all wheelchairs accessible. Rooms 8020 and 8520 are Royal Family Suites, while 8096-8102 and 8596-8600 are Junior Suites with the largest balconies. Junior Suites 8096 and 8596 have unique and larger balconies with both side and aft views.

Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas Ship Information

  • Ship Age:25 years, 4 months
  • Maiden Voyage:May 1997
  • Passengers:1,998
  • Gross Tonnage:78,491
  • Callsign:C6UA2
  • Crew:765 International
  • Beam:106 feet
  • Class:Vision
  • Registry:Bahamas
  • Length:915 feet
  • CDC Sanitation Insp. :Feb 2019
  • CDC Score:100

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