Picking the best cabin on the Royal Caribbean - Freedom of the Seas

The Royal Caribbean - Freedom of the Seas is a wonderful cruise ship with plenty to do and see. Chances are you’ll have a great time, no matter which stateroom you stay in. Still, it is nice to have a cabin to relax in that is certain to suit all of you and your family’s needs. The following information can help you select that ideal stateroom.

Royal Caribbean - Freedom of the Seas

Having some knowledge about the size and location of the cabins can help guests choose which room will best suite them. Royal Caribbean - Freedom of the Seas has four categories of Staterooms. This includes Suites/Deluxe, Balcony, Outside, and Interior. The Suite/Deluxe rooms range in size from the 277 square feet Junior Suite with a 69 square foot balcony to the spacious Presidential Family Suite with 1200 square feet and a 770 square foot balcony. This is the category in which staterooms with separate bedrooms and multiple bathrooms can be found. The Balcony category has the Superior Ocean View Stateroom with 202 square feet and a 50 square foot balcony and the Deluxe Ocean View Staterooms with 173 square feet and a 47 square foot balcony. Outside Staterooms would be the Family Ocean Views, Large Ocean Views, and the Ocean View Standard. These cabins do not have balconies and range from 180 to 211 square feet. The Interior Stateroom category includes the Promenade Family Stateroom with 299 square feet and two bowed windows. Also in this category are the Family Interior Staterooms with 260 square feet, the Promenade Stateroom with 299 square feet and one bowed window, and the Interior Staterooms with 160 square feet of space.


All beds onboard have the Royal Caribbean Bedding Collection. This exclusive line of linens is made in Italy specifically for the Royal Caribbean ships. Mattresses will be either a Royal Mattress or Royal Suite Mattress. Each is topped with a Royal Pillow Top Pad or a Royal Memory Pillow Top Pad. The bed sets include a 300 count Egyptian cotton fitted sheet, flat sheet with the Royal Caribbean logo embroidered on it, pillowcases, and a duvet with cover. Royal Sweet Dream Pillows and Royal Memory Pillows top the bedding off nicely.

Bed Sizes

Standard staterooms come with two twin size beds. Many can be converted into one queen size bed. In most staterooms the bed area can be closed off from the small sitting area with a curtain. Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas has much larger cabins on average than many of their other ships. This means guests will have several options in staterooms to select from, including suites with king and queen size beds and queen size sleeper sofas.

Royal Caribbean - Freedom of the Seas cabins are located among seven decks.

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Deck Two (2)

Deck Two has cabins above it, making rooms on this level are quieter. At the rear (aft) of the ship rooms 2366-2678 may expeience noise and vibrations from the propellers when sailing and docking. Staterooms 2544-2594 portside and 2244-2294 starboard are across from a conference room, elevators, the ice rink, and Studio B. They may be louder during the daytime and early evening hours. The noise substantially decreases after the ice rink closes. Family Ocean View Staterooms 2568 and 2268, along with Family Interior Staterooms 2313 and 2309 are more spacious than most rooms. Cabins 2623, 2629, and 2633 are larger than average and wheel chair accessible interior rooms. Staterooms 2354-2678 are under the main dining room. These rooms will pick up noise during meal preparations, dinner and breakfast, and clean up.

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Deck Three (3)

Deck Three is located under the main public areas of the ship, such as the lounge, bar, and casino. This may create extra noise well into the night. Cabins 3540 and 3240 are beside public restrooms. Staterooms 3546-3568 portside and 3246-3268 starboard are across from the disco and elevators, while rooms 3600 and 3300 are near Studio B. Interior cabins 3604-3638 portside, interior rooms 3605-3617, and exterior cabins 3304-3338 starboard are all located nearby the Art Gallery, RCTV, On Air Club, elevators, and public restrooms. They will pick up a lot of noises during the daytime, but it will subside during the night.

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Deck Six (6)

Deck Six is located above the main areas of the ship. Cabins 6384-6712 are above the dining area. Kitchen preparations, meals, and cleanup may create additional noise in these rooms. Staterooms 6536-6550 portside and 6236-6250 starboard are closest to the lounge with live music. Rooms 6506 and 6206 are larger than average due to their odd shape. Deluxe Ocean View Staterooms 6710, 6712, 6412, and 6410 and interior cabins 6707, 6499, and 6407 are located near the Presidential Family Suite, as well as Ocean View Staterooms 6700, 6702, 6400, and 6402. Cabins 6620, 6624, 6320, and 6324 are wheelchair accessible Deluxe Ocean View Staterooms.

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Deck Seven (7)

Deck Seven is a quiet deck with cabins both above and below. Rooms 7553-7631 portside and 7253-7331 starboard are inside cabins that have bowed windows with a promenade view. Rooms 7607 and 7307 are larger Family Suites. Cabins 7449-7499 are wedged between other staterooms. Rooms 7708-7499 have excellent balcony views, while Junior Suites 7712, 7714, 7414, and 7412 are more spacious with larger balconies.

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Deck Eight (8)

Deck Eight’s Family Staterooms 8500 and 8200 are odd shaped, but they are more spacious than average. Portside rooms 8553-8631 and starboard rooms 8253-8331 are inside cabins that have bowed windows with a promenade view. Cabins 8410 and 8710 have obstructed views. Rooms 8449-8499 are wedged between other cabins, while rooms 8714 and 8414 are Royal Family Suites. Staterooms 8710, 8712, 8410 and 8412 are small, but they are more desireable aft cabins.

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Deck Nine (9)

Deck Nine is quieter due to the fact that there are no public areas above or below it. Staterooms 9504, 9502, 9202, and 9204 have desirable forward facing ocean views. Keep in mind that both rooms 9500 and 9200 can accomodate up to 6 passengers and the cruiseline may impose a minimum guest requirement. Cabins 9483-9499 are wedged between other staterooms. Cabins 9553, 9557, 9561, and 9357 are wheelchair accessible. Royal Family Suites 9708 and 9408 have ideal aft facing balcony locations. Rooms 9706 and 9406 are aft facing Deluxe Ocean View Staterooms next to Royal Family Suites. Aft facing cabins 9404 and 9704 have obstructed views.

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Deck Ten (10)

Deck Ten is where the majority of the Suites are located. Suites 1574-1616 and 1274-1316 are under pool areas, and they may pick up noise from the cleaning crew during the night. Interior rooms 1575-1615 and 1275-1317 may also pick up sounds from the pool. Portside 1659-1677 and starboard 1359-1377 are under a bar. Staterooms 1535, 1231, 1321, 1325, 1657, and 1357 are all wheelchair accessible. Aft cabins 1700 and 1400 are oddly shaped but roomy with oversized balconies.

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Ship Information

  • Ship Age:14 years, 1 month
  • Maiden Voyage:Jun 2006
  • Passengers:3,634
  • Gross Tonnage:154,407
  • Callsign:C6UZ7
  • Crew:1,360 International
  • Beam:185 feet
  • Class:Freedom
  • Registry:Bahamas
  • Length:1,112 feet
  • CDC Sanitation Insp. :Jun 2019
  • CDC Score:97

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