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Picking the best cabin on the Carnival Imagination

In order to keep from having any unpleasant surprises when you board the Carnival Imagination, it is nice to have an idea of what to expect from the staterooms. It also helps you book a room that will be sure to fit your needs in both size and amenities.

All standard staterooms are seven feet from the floor to the ceiling. Each bathroom measures four feet by six feet. Bathrooms located within the suites are slightly larger at four and a half by seven and a half feet. All doorways are twenty-two inches wide by six foot eight inches high. Standard staterooms will be either 185 square feet or 240 square feet with a four foot by four foot window or a 17 inch porthole. Windows are tinted to help prevent other guests from seeing in, but it is recommended that you close the curtains during the night for added privacy. Some staterooms come with a 55 square foot balcony. Suites are larger than the standard rooms. A Junior Suite measures 250 square feet with a four by four foot window. Some may have a 30 square foot balcony. Grand Suites measure from 400 to 445 square feet with a five and a half foot by four foot window. Large balconies are 70 square feet, while extended balconies are 115 square feet.


All beds onboard the Carnival Imagination are dressed with the exclusive Carnival Comfort Bed ensemble. This includes a 100 percent hypoallergenic duvet and cover, custom pillows, and ultra-fine, ring-spun, satin striped cotton blend pillowcases and mattress set. For those with allergy problems, there is an alternative bedding available. This would include a 100 percent polyester blanket, 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester sheet and pillowcase set, and the 100 percent cotton New Generation Pillows. All beds have an eight inch spring mattress, except for the trundle beds and rollaway beds. They have a 4 inch mattress.

Bed Sizes

Twin beds measure 78 inches by 33 inches, and they can be converted into a king size bed. A single sofa bed is 75 inches long by 32 inches wide. Double sofa beds are 81 inches by 55 inches. Trundle beds measure 73 inches by 29 inches with a 250 pound weight limit. Rollaway beds are 75 inches by 29 inches. Upper berths are 58 inches from the floor and are 78 inches by 33 inches. They come with a 50 inch long by 6 inch high safety rail, have a 250 pound weight limit and they set 27 inches below the ceiling. Trundle beds and upper berths are best suited for children and small adults, due to their size and weight limits.

Carnival Imagination Cabins are located among five decks

Carnival Imagination Riviera Deck (4)

The Riviera Deck is much quieter than the other decks onboard. This is due to the fact that there are other cabins above this level. Any noise from public areas such as restaurants, pools, or nightclubs are virtually eliminated. The only cabins that may experience any noise would be R154, R141, and R299 which are located near an elevator and may pick up noise from foot traffic or elevator dinging. Rooms with portholes instead of windows are R1-R8, R10-R12, R16, R17, R20, R21, R23, R26, R29, and R31. The twin beds in cabins R19, R141, and R154 cannot be converted into a king sized bed when the upper berth is in use.

Carnival Imagination Main Deck (5)

Staterooms on the Main Deck are also quiet. There are cabins located both above and below this level, muffling noises from many of the public areas. All but twenty rooms on this deck have ocean views. Cabins M148 and M149 are near an elevator and may pick up some extra noise. The cabins that have portholes instead of windows are M1-M5, M7, M8, M10, M11, M14, M15, M18, M21-M24, M29, and M30. Staterooms with twin beds that will not convert into a king when the upper berth is in use are M16, M148, and M149.

Carnival Imagination Upper Deck (6)

The Upper Deck is generally quiet since there are decks above and below that buffer sound. On this level guests will find some of the nicest rooms onboard along with the best cabin stewards. Aft cabins U230 and U234 are larger than the average staterooms. All but twelve cabins on this deck have ocean views. Exterior rooms U69-U115 are all penthouse suites with balconies. The rooms that have a porthole instead of a window are U1-U4, U7, U9, U10, U12, and U15-U18. Grand Suites with a combination shower and whirlpool tub are U69, U70, U73-U76, U79, U80, U83, U84, U87- U90, U93, U94, U97, U98 U101-U104, U107, U108, U111, U112, U114, and U115. Stateroom U69 has a roll in shower, but no whirlpool tub.

Carnival Imagination Empress Deck (7)

Guests should be wary of booking a cabin on this deck. Some consider the staterooms on the Empress Deck to be some of the worst onboard. The stage, dining room, and galley are located on the Atrium Deck just over head. This can lead to extra noise well into the night. The Atrium Bar and Guest Services and Shore Excursions are located by cabins E66 and E67, making these two rooms very loud during the day. Both rooms E124 and E127 are next to an elevator. Aft cabins E244 and E259 are slightly larger than the average staterooms. All except eight rooms have ocean views. Rooms E1-E4 and E7-E10 have portholes instead of windows. Staterooms that have twin beds that cannot convert into a king when the upper berth is in use are E228, E124, and E127.

Carnival Imagination Verandah Deck (11)

Many of the staterooms on the Verandah Deck are quiet because this deck sits above the Lido Deck and just under the Spa Carnival. All of the outside cabins have balconies. These balconies may be breezy, but the rooms are more luxurious than average staterooms. Cabins with obstructed views are V21, V23, V25, V27, V30, V34, and V42. Obstructed views are caused by tender boats, rescue boats, and davits in front of the balconies. There are also stairs used by the crew to reach lifesaving equipment that are in the way. Views are obstructed both when standing and sitting.

Carnival Imagination Ship Information

  • Ship Age:27 years, 2 months
  • Maiden Voyage:Jul 1995
  • Passengers:2,052
  • Gross Tonnage:70,367
  • Callsign:C6FN2
  • Crew:926 International
  • Beam:105 feet
  • Class:Fantasy
  • Registry:Bahamas
  • Length:855 feet
  • CDC Sanitation Insp. :Jul 2019
  • CDC Score:94

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