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Picking the best cabin on the Celebrity Infinity

It is very important to select a cabin that will suit the needs of you and your family while onboard the Celebrity Infinity. Understanding the size and locations of various staterooms will help you book one that is just right. Basic cabins fall under the categories of Ocean View Class and Inside Class. These are very functional, 170 square foot rooms without balconies. Veranda Class staterooms have balconies ranging in size from 38 to 242 square feet. For those who need more room within the cabin, try stepping up into the Concierge Class offering 191 square foot cabins with 41 square foot verandas, or the Aqua Class Staterooms that measure 195 square feet with 54 square foot balconies. Suites are the ultimate in luxury and space. Celebrity Suites are 467 square feet, Sky Suites are 251 square feet, and Royal Suites are 538 square feet. All suites have verandas ranging in size from 57 square feet to 195. At the top of the list in size you will find the Penthouse Suite boasting 1,432 square feet with a 1,098 square foot balcony.


All of the Celebrity Infinity beds use the eXhale bedding collection. This European style bed set is exclusive to the Celebrity ships. Consisting of premium custom mattress linens made of 100 percent Egyptian cotton, topped off with plush duvets and pillows. Several of the suites offer a menu pillow where guests can select their perfect pillow.


Two lower beds are used in most staterooms. These twin sized beds can pushed together and used as one larger bed. Queen size sofa beds and trundle beds add extra sleeping room to several cabins. Suites may provide queen beds. King beds will only be found within the largest of Celebrity’s staterooms, the Penthouse Suite.

Staterooms are located across six decks onboard the Celebrity Infinity.

Celebrity Infinity Continental Deck (2)

Exterior Staterooms 2137 - 2185 portside, 2152 - 2200 starboard, and interior staterooms 2135 - 2192 have public areas above them. Guests may hear noises from the meeting rooms, steak house, cinema, and Grand Foyer. Interior staterooms 2135, 2139, 2154, and 2156 are next to stairs, so they may pick up noises from foot traffic. The quietest rooms on this deck are 2001 - 2109 portside and 2000 - 2098 starboard. Cabins 2031 and 2022 are wheelchair accessible but they are next to the elevator. Although there could be additional noise in these rooms, the location could be convenient for those in wheelchairs.

Celebrity Infinity Plaza Deck (3)

Several cabins on Deck Three are under public venues. This includes exterior rooms 3025 - 3111 portside, 3022 - 3108 starboard, and interior cabins 3029 - 3109 portside and 3028 - 3110 starboard. Exterior staterooms 3065 - 3111 portside, 3064 - 3108 starboard, and interior rooms 3067 - 3109 portside and 3070 - 3110 starboard are under the casino and will pick up late night noise. Staterooms 3021 and 3018 are both wheelchair accessible, but next to the stairs.

Celebrity Infinity Penthouse Deck (6)

There are several Sky Suites on Deck Six. Of them, 6102 has a smaller balcony then others. Sky Suites 6131 and 6132 are odd shaped, but they have larger balconies. Sky Suites 6099 - 6102, 6125 - 6131, 6126 - 6132, 6145 and 6146 have average balconies. Both 6145 and 6146 have the best location. Cabins 6004, 6005, 6012 and 6014 are larger wheelchair accessible Ocean View Staterooms. Of them, 6004 and 6005 are the biggest. In addition, 6103, 6105, 6107, and 6109 are Ocean View Staterooms with Balconies that are larger for wheelchairs. Of these staterooms, 6105 and 6107 are next to elevators. Cabins 6111 - 6129 and 6114 - 6130 are above the lounge but should have minimal noise. Staterooms 6135 - 6147 portside and 6134 - 6148 starboard are above the main dining area. These rooms may pick up noise from meal preparations, dinner guests, and the cleaning crew afterwards. Cabins 6135, 6136, 6143, and 6144 are the most sought after of the Concierge Class Staterooms with Verandas due to their larger than normal balconies and prime location. Celebrity Suites 6104 and 6106 have floor to ceiling windows instead of a balcony.

Celebrity Infinity Vista Deck (7)

Aft facing Concierge Class Staterooms with Verandas on Deck Seven are rooms 7203, 7212, 7208, and 7206. Of these, 7212 is wheelchair accessible. Stateroom 7032 is a wheelchair accessible inside stateroom. Cabins 7137, 7139, 7141, and 7143 are all wheelchair accessible Ocean View Staterooms. Among these, 7139 and 7141 are next to the elevator. Cabins 7049 and 7080 have odd shaped larger balconies. Larger balconies can also be found in Ocean View Staterooms 7171 - 7177 and 7174 - 7180. Rooms 7199, 7201, 7204, and 7202 are 271 square foot Family Staterooms with 242 square foot balconies. Both 7138 and 7140 are Celebrity Suites without balconies but they do have floor to ceiling windows. Odd shaped Ocean View Staterooms 7002 and 7003 have more room than average, while interior stateroom 7210 is smaller than normal.

Celebrity Infinity Panorama Deck (8)

Concierge Class Staterooms 8047 - 8054 have obstructed views. Staterooms 8055 - 8115 portside and 8056 - 8100 starboard are better choices with clear views of the ocean. Concierge staterooms 8185, 8176, 8172, and 8170 are aft facing located between Family Staterooms with nice aft views. Concierge Class Staterooms 8102 and 8108 are smaller. Cabins 8121, 8125, and 8127 are wheelchair accessible Sky Suites. Of these, 8121 and 8125 are next to the elevators. Cabins 8181, 8183, 8168, and 8166 are aft facing Family Ocean View Veranda Staterooms with large balconies.

Celebrity Infinity Sky Deck (9)

On Deck Nine, cabins 9197, 9199, 9158, and 9156 are aft facing Family Ocean View Veranda Staterooms with nice views and large balconies. Partially obstructed views are found in rooms 9044 - 9047. Ocean View Staterooms 9000, 9001, and 9004 - 9036, along with Ocean View Staterooms with veranda 9005 - 9041 should be the quietest on this deck. Exterior staterooms 9043 - 9117 portside, 9038 - 9094 starboard, and interior staterooms 9055 - 9119 will hear the most noise from the Lido Pool. Most interior staterooms on this deck will also hear noise from the pool, except for 9003 - 9025 and 9002 - 9018. Cabins 9117, 9121, and 9123 are wheelchair accessible Sky Suites. Concierge Class Stateroom 9164 is also wheelchair accessible. Both 9117 and 9121 are near the elevators.

Celebrity Infinity Ship Information

  • Ship Age:21 years and 7 months old
  • Maiden Voyage:Mar 2001
  • Passengers:2,170
  • Gross Tonnage:91,000
  • Callsign:9HJD9
  • Crew:0 Mixed
  • Beam:106 feet
  • Class:Millennium
  • Registry:Malta
  • Length:965 feet
  • CDC Sanitation Insp. :Dec 2019
  • CDC Score:97

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