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Picking the best cabin on the Celebrity Century

One can eliminate any surprises when they open the door to their Celebrity Century Stateroom by understanding a little about these rooms before booking. Knowing the sizes and locations of the cabins will help you pick one that will most suit your needs. The largest cabins are in the Suites category. This includes the Penthouse, Royal, Sky, and Century Suites. They range in size from 190 square feet to 1,101 square feet. The verandas on these suite measure between 35 and 118 square feet. For those who want a nice balcony, the Veranda Class Staterooms are a good choice. The 170 square foot Veranda Stateroom has a 42 square foot balcony. The 195 square foot Family Veranda Stateroom offers more space. This cabin also has a 42 square foot balcony. In the middle is the Sunset Veranda Stateroom at 175 square feet with a 55 to 80 square foot balcony. The Concierge Class Staterooms are all 175 square feet with 42 square foot verandas. The standard Ocean View Stateroom Class and the Inside Stateroom Class offers nicely appointed 174 square foot rooms but no balcony. Several of these categories have wheelchair accessible cabins available.


All of the Celebrity Summit beds use the eXhale bedding collection. This European style bed set is exclusive to the Celebrity ships. Consisting of premium custom mattress linens made of 100 percent Egyptian cotton, topped off with plush duvets and pillows. Several of the suites offer a menu pillow where guests can select their perfect pillow.


The staterooms onboard the Celebrity Century will have two lower beds that can be converted into one larger bed. Queen sized beds are only found in the suite category. Both upper beds and sofa beds are used in several cabins to accommodate additional guests.

Cabins onboard the Celebrity Century are located among six decks.

Celebrity Century Continental Deck (4)

Several cabins on Deck Four have noise issues. Directly across from Exterior Staterooms 4122 - 4142, is the Fun Factory kids program area. While this could be beneficial for families with small children, others will want to look for a quieter location. Under the main dining room are cabins 4125 - 4155 port side, 4120 - 4142 starboard, and inside staterooms 4131 - 4163. These rooms may pick up sounds from meal preparations, meal times, and the clean up afterwards. The most desirable cabins on Deck Four are 4001 - 4037 port side, 4000 - 4034 starboard, and inside rooms 4031, 4029, 4027, 4024, 4206, and 4028. These staterooms are located beneath other cabins, making them quieter. All other interior staterooms are under public areas. Interior Cabin 4071 is also located near the stairs.

Celebrity Century Plaza Deck (5)

Exterior cabins 5041 - 5067 port side, 5036 - 5068 starboard, and inside staterooms 5051 - 5071 on Deck Five are under public areas such as card rooms, a stage, cinema, library, and conference center. Noise shouldn't be a problem during late night hours when these areas are closed. Exterior Cabins 5001 - 5037 portside, 5000 - 5032 starboard, and inside staterooms 5007 - 5033 and 5006 - 5026 may hear noise from the theater. Stateroom 5048 is a wheelchair accessible Inside Stateroom that is twice as big as average for this category. Exterior Staterooms 5055 - 5067 port side and 5050 - 5068 starboard are also wheelchair accessible.

Celebrity Century Panorama Deck (8)

Many of the staterooms on Deck Eight have noise issues. Exterior Cabins 8141 - 8183 port side, 8136 - 8176 starboard, and Inside Staterooms 8145 - 8185 and 8140 - 8172 are over the casino. Exterior staterooms 8063 - 8089 port side, 8060 - 8088 starboard, and inside cabins 8062 - 8090 and 8067 - 8091 are above the lounge and club. These will definitely pick up late night noise. All of the exterior and interior cabins from the elevators to the rear of the ship are over a night club. Exterior cabins 8001 - 8041 port side, 8006 - 8038 starboard, and inside staterooms 8015 - 8047 and 8012-8044 are located above the theater. Aft facing Family Veranda Staterooms 8231 - 8222 are larger than average with great aft views of the ocean.

Celebrity Century Vista Deck (9)

Deck Nine is one of the more desirable decks onboard the Celebrity Century. Cabins 9039 - 9245 and 9038 - 9230 are all Concierge Class Staterooms. Cabins 9245 - 9232 are aft facing Family Veranda Staterooms that have balconies with great views and less wind. Staterooms 9001 - 9035 and 9006 - 9034 are the only staterooms on this level that do not have balconies. Cabins 9075, 9145, 9219, and 9206 are near the stairs.

Celebrity Century Penthouse Deck (10)

Deck Ten is where the majority of the Celebrity Century’s suites are located. Cabins 1049 and 1048 are Penthouse Suites, while 1029 - 1045 and 1028 - 1046 are Royal Suites. In addition there are nine Century Suites and 22 Sky Suites. Interior cabins 1029 - 1061 and 1028 - 1060 are the quietest, located under the spa. Aft facing Century Suites with great aft views and less wind are 1139 - 1134. Exterior cabins 1029 - 1061 port side, 1028 - 1060 starboard, and inside staterooms 1031 - 1059 are under the Lido pool. Guests may hear the cleaning crew moving chairs across the pool area during the night. Rooms 1135 and 1137 port side, 1130 and 1132 starboard, and inside staterooms 1143 - 1138 are under the bar.

Celebrity Century Sports Deck (12)

Several Sky Suites are located on Deck 12. Of them, 1201 is a larger wheelchair accessible room. Smaller than normal Sky Suites are 1203 and 1202, with 1202 having a very small balcony. Sky Suite 1227 is next to an elevator and may have noise issues. Rooms 1205 - 1247 port side and 1204 - 1240 starboard are more desirable Sky Suites. Veranda Staterooms are not all the same on this deck. Of these, 1251 and 1244 are smaller with a 55 square foot balcony. Veranda Staterooms 1253 and 1246 have 80 square foot balconies, while 1242 is larger overall than other Veranda Staterooms. Cabin 1249 is an oversized Ocean View Stateroom.

Celebrity Century Ship Information

  • Ship Age:26 years, 6 months
  • Maiden Voyage:Dec 1995
  • Passengers:1,814
  • Gross Tonnage:71,545
  • Callsign:9HJI9
  • Crew:0
  • Beam:106 feet
  • Class:Century
  • Registry:
  • Length:815 feet
  • CDC Sanitation Insp. :Apr 2014
  • CDC Score:99

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